Portfolio Poster Design

"Poster" is a kind of news announcement for various topics. The dimensions of the poster are generally 50.70 or 100.70, and can be larger than those sizes, according to the customer's requirements. In designing a "poster", recognizing the need for advertising, what is meant by advertising or introducing it is first and foremost. In the design of a poster, they generally use business styles and photography, because in the shortest possible time the audience can notice the story of the posters. Paint has a very important role in designing the poster so that it is always suggested that attractive and sharper colors be used in design to attract the audience's attention at first glance. The "poster" should not contain much information; even in cases where the presentation or presentation of a seminar or conference, information should be used in a summarized form in order to be able to succeed in expediting the information. On the other hand, informational posters are introduced by the designer for part of the company's services. We need to use informational or infographic logos if we want to tell the information in a complete and easy way for the audience. Infographics are in fact part of the graphic design branch, which explains a specific story with plain language for audiences.
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