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Wikipedia defines the Graph as "a set of lines and points that are interconnected and formulate in a regular manner". In mathematics, the equivalent diagram and computer science are referred to as conceptual diagrams." On the other hand, the graph is equivalent to "graphic and linear plotting "

Google translates the term Geraf to dare 

The sum of these meanings can introduce our main goal. We have come up with this here, with many years of experience and cool and warm, we have decided to give our art a dignified spirit based on the style of minimalism (simplicity) for the development of customer business. Undoubtedly, the most important element in the design of graphic design is creativity and an innovative form for the audience, and design is successful in this way, which can identify the needs of customers in accordance with their goals in the right direction and nurture them and can understand the concept of the company in question Show the audience to the right.

We have been pursuing a clear goal and an impetus for progress in the graphic arts so that we can draw up a graphic design in accordance with the common standards of the world in Iran, and we will create a think tank for each topic in order to reach a common language with the client. Our goal in this customer longevity series is as a member of the graph family, which is still a member of this family, and we hope to be added to our family members in the future.

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